2018 Dueling Knights Tournament

Introducing... USCF Rated Tournaments in Bellingham!

I am pleased to announce that BYC will be able to host USCF rated tournaments in the Bellingham area. The USCF rating elo is national, meaning that it has a more formal meaning compared to the more localized NWSRS rating elo which is used more commonly for scholastic tournaments. Players with a USCF rating will be able to keep and use it well after graduating.

2 Tournamen Groups:

NWSRS Rated State Qualifier ($15)

NWSRS & USCF Dual Rated ($30)






Open (State qualifier) (Players of any rating may join this section)

Reserve (NON state qualifier)  (Only players under the USCF rating 800 may join this section)

The “Reserve” section cannot be submitted for State Elementary Qualification! Also, the combined number of registrants for “open” & “reserve”cannot exceed 50


Placement trophies, upset prize, team awards.

Cash prizes for USCF rated tournaments! Cash prize pool for both sections at $450 at 30 registrants $600@40, $750@50 . USCF regulations guarantee half of the minimum announced prize pool be used regardless of registration numbers.

Should you participate in the state qualifier tournament? Or the USCF rated tournament?

Unfortunately you cannot play in both tournaments… but as to which one to sign up for is totally up to you. For a more recreational player I would say join the state qualifier tournament, primarily because it is a more relaxed environment with less rules. USCF rated tournaments have a large rule book and are more competitive. USCF rated games are usually more expensive, this is because you need a USCF membership to register, and the prize pools need to be funded. However, USCF rated tournaments are great for competitive players of all ages. And the cash prizes are sure to get players excited :D. Also remember that only the “Open” USCF rated section can be submitted for state qualification. The “Reserve” section cannot due to the section being determined by rating.