Hi, My Name is Tanner and I am the Owner of Bellingham Youth Chess

I have been playing Chess since I was very little. I honestly can't remember how old I was, but just like a lot of kids I was taught by my dad. I used to always lose to him, but once I got in to High School I could finally beat him! I absolutely love teaching this game to my students. It all started about in 2015 when I started teaching a few kids here and there. As time went on I started getting more and more parents wanting me to teach their kids. I realized just how important my role was to better their performance and teach them real life responsibilities, such as managing your time and planning everything out down to the smallest detail possible. I began to realize as well that my role was not just in teaching chess, but also in providing a positive role model in my student's lives.

I started Bellingham Youth Chess in order to further my goal of getting as many students in the area playing this wonderful game. Through tournament directing, instructing clubs, and private mentoring I am giving the Chess community as much support and room for growth as I can.

Me playing my older sister in my early years.