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3 Tiers to Learn

The “Roots” level is for complete beginners, or players that still need to make themselves comfortable with the rules of chess. 

Tier I is the base in which players will learn many of the basic tactics and strategies that will tie in to larger concepts later in the curriculum. 

For a list of topics in this tier Click Here

Tier II is where the tougher concepts are introduced. Focusing mainly on strategy, players will learn how to look farther in to piece relationships and concepts overlooked by most players.

For a list of topics in this tier Click Here

Once reaching this tier, the player will already have a grasp of the complexity and deep thinking that chess offers. The player will now be able to use past concepts on a much more difficult level. This will build and strengthen on their already existing skills. Endgames will be explored greatly in this tier in order to allow players to play accurate moves in a very crucial part of the game.

Months will be added as time progresses

Classes are 1.5 hours long and will consist of engaging chess lectures, activities, puzzles, and game time. The class lessons are planned by tracking every student’s personal progress sheets, this ensures that there will always be something new for students to learn or improve on.

If you do not feel like you know what Tier group a student should be in, every student gets 1 free private lesson to use. This private lesson can be scheduled to gauge where a student’s placement would be most appropriate. Otherwise you can sign them up for the Tier group that you best think is appropriate, and the instructor can asses if that group is good or not for that student.



Drop-in: $15/session

1 Class per week for 1 month: $12.50/session – TOTAL DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE 1ST SCHEDULED SESSION

1 Class per week for 2 months: $10.50/session – TOTAL DUE AT THE  BEGINNING OF THE 1ST SCHEDULED SESSION

Registration is done online, but you must bring payment on the 1st day of class (Cash, Card, Check). If you schedule 1 class a week for a month and use the discount price. Then you must bring total payment for that month,  on the 1st class of THAT month. 


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Classes are held at 4120 Meridian St #270 Bellingham, WA 98226. This is a shared Suite that has been reserved for specific times to use for chess classes. Please arrive only at the scheduled time.