Quad Tournaments


Regular pricing for registration is $15 per Quad. Please register online!

Low turnout will result in cancellation of a quad date. Deadline for registration is the day before the scheduled date at 5PM (So if a Quad is scheduled for Friday, the deadline would be Thursday at 5PM). Those that registered for a canceled event will receive a full refund, or can request their reservation be moved to the next week. If you have to register last minute after the cutoff AND the Quad is not canceled, please E-mail tannerj.feemster@gmail.com so we can get you in!

On Fridays/Saturdays that don’t conflict with weekend tournaments, we will offer “Quad Tournaments” Quads are…

  • Cost Effective
  • Only 3 Rounds
  • Rated
  • Excellent Practice for Tournaments
  • Open to K-12
  • Sections divided into groups of 4
  • 1st Place in each section get’s a trophy
  • Game 25 with 5 second delay (25 minutes for each player, with a delay per move)
  • Tournament rules will be practiced!

Events will be held at Hotel Bellingham by the airport (3985 Bennett Drive). Where the parents can relax in the hotel’s lounge! Check-in in the hotel lobby.


(SATURDAY) January 13th:

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Price: $15

Registration Is currently down. Will be back shortly so check soon!

(SATURDAY) January 27th:

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Price: $15

Registration will be up shortly!

(SATURDAY) February 10th:

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Price: $15

Registration will be up shortly

For Dec.1st Quad Tournament Results Click Here

For Dec.15th Quad Tournament Results Click Here

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