The Kings 2019

Tournament Details:


Feb 2nd, 2019


K-8th graders


All players must check-in between 8:00 AM and 8:40 AM. Please arrive early, players arriving to check-in after 8:40 AM may not be paired in the 1st round. 1st round starts at 9:00 AM


5 Round Swiss (No elimination) NWSRS rated

4 sections divided by grade. K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8 

Time controls are G/25 w 5 second delay. Only Middle school students are required to notate and use a clock.


There will be 8 placement trophies (1st-8th place) and 5 placement trophies for the 6-8 grade section. Every K-1 player and every first time tournament player who completes all five rounds will receive a trophy or medal. Medals also provided to those that score 3 points or more and do not receive a placement trophy. Team awards to the top three elementary schools.

Tie-breaks for trophies will be done using MCO tie-breaks


There will be a El Tapatio food truck at the event for lunch purchases and a concession stand that will be selling donuts, coffee, and snacks.