MS League

The Whatcom county Middle School League runs throughout the school year through state qualifier tournaments. The best performing team will win the rotating 1st place trophy for their school!

A team is all members from the same school that decide to play in any individual state qualifying tournament.

Determination of 1st-5th place team standings at each state qualifying tournament will be based on the top 4 individual scores from that school. Only the top 4 players scores are counted for each team. If teams tie for a place during a tournament, the tied teams will both evenly split the cumulative points of all placements, in this case other school teams will not be bumped up a place. 

1st place= 5 league pts

2nd place = 4 league pts

3rd place = 3 league pts

4th place = 2 league pts

5th place = 1 league pt


Only state qualifying tournaments  of 5 rounds in a Middle School only section can count. The lowest score will be dropped at the end of the tournament season for each team. If there is a tie on league points for 1st place, there will be a head off round played at G25;d5 between the top 4 players at each of the tied schools. If a team cannot produce 4 players, then every empty board will be a forfeit loss and will be scored as such.


Lowell State Qualifier 11/2/19:

1. Fairhaven MS (14)

2. Whatcom MS (7)

3. Kulshan MS (5.5)

4. Horizon MS (4.5)

5. Lynden Academy (2.5)

League Point Standings:

School:                  11/2/19

Fairhaven MS…………5

Whatcom MS…………4

Kulshan MS……………3

Horizon MS…………….2

Lyndend Academy…..1

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