State Qualifying Tournaments


What is a State Qualifier?

A state qualifying tournament SECTION is swiss paired and consists of at least 6 players and 3 different schools in that section. Generally the section will have 5 rounds.

How does one qualify for State?

You can qualify for the State Tournament by scoring more than half of the maximum amount of points possible. You get 1 point for a win, .5 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. If the total number of rounds in a tournament are 5, then you would have to score 3 points to qualify for state.

What is the state tournament?

The WA State Chess Championship is a massive tournament held at a rotating location every year.

How do pairings work?

The pairings method used is the swiss system. It is a very popular pairing method for chess tournaments that involves pairing players with similar performance in later rounds. For a detailed look at this system, follow this link here:

Does my child have to write down their moves?

Yes… But only if they are in 6th grade or higher. If your child is in ES then writing down your moves is optional.

What is touch move/touch take?

This is the rule that if you touch one of your own pieces, you must move it if legal. Also if you touch an opponents piece you must take it, if legal. Additionally, if you release your hand from touching the piece after moving it, you must leave it there, the move cannot be taken back.

I saw my child play an illegal move. Can I let them know?

Unfortunately floor judges and parents cannot interfere with games unless they are called over, even if they witness an illegal move. It is the responsibility of the player to notice illegal moves and then call over a floor judge to make corrections. Parents should never approach a board unless approved by a floor judge or the tournament director.

A score was written down incorrectly. What do I do?

Mistakes happen, standings will be posted as often as possible so that players can compare their scores with what we have recorded. If a score needs to be corrected, find the tournament director so that they can adjust it, and then confirm the change when the next standing sheet is posted.

Is it important to update school codes on my child’s rating ID?

Yes!!! Please let the tournament director know that a school needs to be updated if it has changed or is wrong.

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